4-10 Players
60 Minutes
125-175 per group

Mr Harvey challenged you to prank him.Your plans will foiled even before the day began.

Time to get this prank back on schedule!

Note: It is important that you select two DIFFERENT levels when you book so we can ensure the room is set up appropriately. If the room is entirely the same grade level, we suggest booking the normal grade level and the one higher.

Mr Harvey’s Room is specifically designed, in consultation with educational experts, for Elementary school children between the ages of 6-12, the puzzles and challenges are aligned with the scheduled group’s cognitive ability level, We will contact you after booking to ensure the level is set.

Schools, TAG programs, etc looking at this as a school/class based activity, please contact us and we can ensure that we meet your objectives and provide you with further details. For those programs we can also arrange off-normally scheduled hours to better accommodate.