1-2 Players
30 minutes
15-20 per person

Are you able to Cross a Mind Field without your mind being blown?

Meet the challenges of the Field Marshal, by completing a series of “LandMinds”: challenges, puzzles, and tasks of various difficulties.

In a room filled with an eclectic array of objects, as your only resources,…can you devise a way to quickly and accurately achieve the strange and unusual challenges?

As you get better…the LandMinds get harder, cleverness and lateral thinking will help you cross the Mind Field.

Everything you need is in the room. How it is used…is your challenge.

NOT your usual escape room, but a sequence of challenges to work out… Never the same set of LandMinds each time. See how many you can defuse in 30 minutes…and become The Mind Field Champion.

NEW! Tournament Style for Larger Groups! If you have a group of more than 4, we can set up The Mind Field in a tournament style. Call us at 971-900-1270 for details and to arrange special booking for a Mind Field Puzzle Room Tournament.